Sabrage of champagne

The history of Sabrage

Napoleon (1769-1821)  was a small man, but great lover of champagne. Before he and his army left for campaign, enough champagne was stored in the Champagne region. It was strategically placed in storage, just enough for every day, for every every officer, whether they won or lost. In those days the armies were large. Both the number of officers and the required number of champagne bottles were truly significant. The armies were thus followed by ox carts filled with champagne. In 1812, Napoleons’ Grand Armee went to Russia. His army existed  of 650000 soldiers (from France, Italy, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands). His motives for going there with his army were partly because he felt insulted by Tsar Alexander, because the Tsar refused to give away his daughter. This resulted into a huge skirmish between the two rivalries in Smolensk.

Jean-Claude Jalloux,  a French restaurateur, decided on a cold winter evening in 1986, after a superb dinner with some fellow restaurateurs, to open a bottle of champagne. This time not in the usual way. He grabbed a sword and with a smooth gesture he opened the bottle. Jean-Claude felt like no other the influence of his act in the whole restaurant. Some people applauded, others ordered a bottle of champagne, to subsequently open the bottles in the same spectacular way. At that time, Jean-Claude laid the foundation for a fellowship and the Confrérie du Sabre d’or had been established. 

Sabrage in your area

 De art of  Sabrage is also practiced in the Netherlands.  Via the Dutch Confrérie, your desired Chavalier Sabreur can be invited to your party or formal occasion, to perform the festive act of Sabrage. You can  contact us here.